Laurent Brandajs

For 15 years, Lawrence Brandajs travels the world and photograph the jewels of contemporary architecture and the most beautiful resorts.

With exceptional personalized address book and length built in the midst of contemporary architecture, luxury tourism and hospitality, Laurent is often the first to unveil the most interesting architectural achievements in these areas.

With nine books of photographs signed in his own name, his participation in a dozen other books on architecture and design and thousands of publication in prestigious magazines, it seeks to find specific angles that showcase the beauty of the place.

The progressive expertise in light and frame acquired alongside great photographers specializing in dance and movement allow him to account for the movement of forms and architectural volumes. Patient and above all passionate about his work, he seeks creepage, natural light and atmosphere that highlight, without artifice, the architectural work and beauty.

Laurent is expressed by the image and invites you to discover his work.

  • 3 years learning picture + 2 years of evening classes for access to the profession
  • 12 years of experience and long-term collaborations with architects (houses, hotels and chalets) worldwide.
  • Reports for Paris Match Belgium for 6 years. In charge of the section ‘Deco’.
  • Continuous collaboration with Roularta group (Le Vif-Express / I Will Build) for 12 years.
  • Languages: English / French / Dutch / Spanish.

Other occasional collaborations:
Villas (Belgium), The most beautiful interior – (VIP, France), Art and Decoration – (Hachette, Belgium – France), Gael House / Home Built (Sanoma, Belgium), and Wood Homes – (France), A Living ( France), KBB – (Great Britain), Tatler Philippines (Philippines), Colors Morocco (Morocco), teNeues Publishing, Loft Publications Publishing

Business customers
Oetker Hotels, Bleecker real estate Wakell Decorating Martins Hotels, Melia, LVMH Hotels, Le Strato (Courchevel), Domaine du Mont d’Arbois Rotschild, Pullman Minotaurus, property Bronsons, Naturhome, Stuv, Bodart & Gonay, Montel Invest.


  • Artists term Schaerbeek (1999) and Saint-Gilles (2000)
  • In preparation: May-June 2015 (Brussels and Paris)